From Barb: My first experience with Design Your Powerful Life as a participant

We serendipitously heard about this class the weekend my husband, Mel, and I had decided to get away, relax and get some perspective. The door had slammed shut on me continuing the position that had fulfilled me professionally for decades. Grieving that loss, I had been feeling anxious and overwhelmed about how to even begin looking for what was next.

When I heard about the Design Your Powerful Life class, I experienced a warm glow in my heart and that particular clunk in my solar plexus that means “YES!” We signed up right away to participate ASAP – that next month.

During class, my heart awakened with joy about the exciting next chapter of my life about to begin! I learned a simple tool for envisioning a version of the future that came from my own hopes, dreams, aspirations, and strengths – and I saw a very clear, specific image of me in my future role serving others.

Over the next four months after our training, I continued to implement the tools introduced in Design Your Powerful Life, ever refining my vision of the future – an exercise you will get to try out during class, too.

There were some ups and downs. I applied for one position that I thought might be just right – only to learn at the final interview that the organization espoused an explicit anti-LGBTQ policy that certainly wouldn’t work for me! Despite this seeming set-back, I drove home feeling grateful that I had such a clear vision – confident to keep on without compromising – being drawn forward to the destination matching my image of where I was headed.

Soon after that I began the position I had been imagining, working with clients as a Licensed Professional Counselor in a community near our Fort Worth, Texas home. I daily rely on principles and facilitate practices I learned in Design Your Powerful Life with my counseling clients – who so often report notably positive outcomes.

Mel and I have believed and seen indications throughout our more than 40 years together that our steps are divinely ordered. Meeting Katie Raver, taking the Design Your Powerful Life class, and becoming Design Your Powerful Life trainers is certainly more evidence of that as we continue our life journey together.