About Katie Raver

Katie Raver has organized and taught personal and professional development classes since 2003. She teaches team and corporate Design Your Powerful Life classes, works with the Design Your Powerful Life training team to improve their stories, classroom coaching skills, and teaching presence, and teaches the popular 2-day NLP Starter training, often taken as a pair with Design Your Powerful Life.

You can find some of Katie’s recorded classes at www.AttentionExperiments.com.

Read about NightWalking at www.NightWalking.com

Design Your Powerful Life is based firmly on alternate goal setting strategies from her mentors Tom and Bobbi Best and the field of NLP. Many of the class exercises were developed by popular author and thought leader, the smart and warm-hearted NLP trainer and coaching innovator Slavica Squire of Belgrade, Serbia.

Katie is delighted to continue to tradition of small, personal classes that mentors Tom and Bobbi Best laid the foundation for years ago. Each class has a trainer and class assistant who will take you through a carefully designed process of dreaming a long-term vision in a very different way than is usually suggested. The result is that your future will begin to compel you forward, inspiring you to move forward in your own way.