The Design Your Powerful Life trainers enjoying each other on Zoom!

A little bit about this class

The Design Your Powerful Life 2-day workshop is not your usual zoom class.

Class takes place with a trainer, an assistant, and a small group of other other participants, where you can see and hear everyone else in class, and you have plenty of time to ask questions and interact with others as little or as much as you wish.

Your trainer will take you through short teaching bits, stories, and instruction and guide you through a series of carefully planned thought experiments that will help you set a 20-year vision of the future that comes from within you – with your hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires in tact. Most of these processes are private within you – for example, journaling with specific directions – so that you can explore and creatively dream up your path.

This process works regardless of your age, position in life, relationship status, career path, family obligations, or how lost/ sure you feel about life.

Whether you have a long-term plan that needs an update or you’ve never set such a far-reaching goal, the process works.

The exercises are designed to help you take time to revisit what you already know about positive goals, set aside consciously (and subconsicously!) held limitations that keep your dreams bound in obligations or other people’s expectations, and dream up a new or revised future that is compelling and inspiring to you specifically.

You may feel like sharing your discoveries in class or you may keep certain parts of your unfolding future to yourself – it’s up to you.

Finally, the last part of the class breaks it all down so you can use the process again, with yourself or others.

Class Format

  • More about this 2-day class:
    • Live and online on Zoom, where we can all see and hear each other
    • Small groups so you interact directly with class trainers and assistants
    • 2 days, usually on a Saturday-Sunday
    • Central time: 10am-5:30pm, with an hour-and-a-half lunch break
    • Class is made up of stories, guided experiences, guided journaling on your own with time for discussion, self-reflection, and time to work on your future vision
    • Participants report that although the class is on Zoom, at the end of class they feel energized, inspired, and that the way we teach, take breaks, and work on our plan makes for an enlivening experience.
    • Registration will be with “NLP Austin / Katie Raver”

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