From Mel: What This Class Means to Me

I grew up on a small ranch about 25 miles and 25 years outside of Tulsa. 

I’ve worked in blue collar and service industry jobs. I taught in a private school for 15 years.  Now I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

The common theme: something that helps people.

When we first heard about the Design Your Powerful Life class, I thought I was going for my wife, Barb.  She was in a stressful place and I was willing to sit through a weekend of whatever we were getting into if she could get what she needed out of it.  I was basically expecting another version of “think positive and you can get or do anything you want” kind of class. 

However, the more I heard and saw and learned, the more I thought, “Wow, I can do this stuff and make it work!”  This is a real and practical class with real and practical tools I can actually use to create the life that I want.  

Now I get to work with my favorite person in the world (Barb) to help you create your own version of the life you want.  For me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Mel, first a Design Your Powerful Life participant, now teaches the class. See any classes he has coming up on the Schedule page.